Visiting Ecole John Stubbs Memorial

Elect Scott MCDONALD in the Colwood election 2018

A visit to Ecole John Stubbs Memorial Grade 5 Class Participating in Student Vote | Vote Etudiant – what an experience!

UPDATE:  Last week I received a handmade card from the students at Ecole John Stubbs Memorial, for coming to speak to them during the 2018 Colwood municipal election; how gracious and thoughtful of them! I didn’t win, but I got much more than mere winning. My participation continues to be one of the best experiences in my life. Take a look at the card they crafted and signed! Merci beaucoup kids!

Thank you note from the kids at Ecole John Stubbs Memorial

Thank you note - inside from kids at John Stubbs Memorial

John Stubbs Memorial Student Vote program

The Grade 5 class at Ecole John Stubbs Memorial elementary and middle school (SD62) is participating in the Student Vote / Vote Etudiant program – and I got to visit this morning with a few of my colleagues and introduce myself and learn what issues concern students. And wow! These students are smart, engaged and concerned about their community. The participants were:

Candidates For Mayor

Mayor Carol Hamilton
Councillor: Rob Martin

Candidates For Council:

We were given one minute to explain who we were. Then we got to explain why were were running and a bit about our platforms.

Then we had to answer 2 questions the class came up with as a whole. See my answers below:

  1. What type of volunteer work do you do to be involved in our community? I was the City of Colwood’s Canada 150 Community Leader for 2017.Canada 150 Colwood Community Leader 2017I got to digitally document Canada 150 events around the city, including going into each school and documenting the creation of Canada 150 Art Tree projects.Canada 150 Art Tree Project in the City of Colwood - Scott McDonaldI also volunteer at Our Place and the Victoria Cool Aid Society, helping to end homelessness, working with the Colwood Garden Society, and mentoring LGBTQ2S street youth, and volunteering for the greater Victoria Flower Count.The second question was two-fold:
  2. What is something you love about Colwood and something you would like to change?

I explained that the 5 kilometres of pristine beachfront is what I love and want to ensure is protected for all to use, now and into the future for all generations.

5 km of pristine beach in the City of Colwood - Scott McDonald

As for what I’d like to change–I explained I believe everyone deserves a home and that I’d like to work to ensure housing for all. Housing affordability, low income housing and a climate where people who wish to live, work, and play in Colwood is important to me.Ecole John Stubbs Memorial school participating in Student Vote | Vote Etudiant

The students had some great questions for us as well:

  • What are you doing to make sure there are homes for people in Colwood
  • I think housing costs are to high, what will you do to help?
  • There is a lot of garbage and litter in my neighbourhood and the animals (raccoons) sometimes eat it and get sick, can you help?
  • The speed on roads seems too fast in my neighbourhood of Wishart, will you slow down the cars?
  • I see a lot of texting and driving will you stop that?
  • There is a lot of traffic, will you work with other municipalities to solve this
  • Around my school in the morning there are a lot of parking issues, how will you help this?
  • We’d like more sports venues, pools, and skate parks in Colwood.  Another student informed us that there will be a skate park in the future at Juan de Fuca. Councillor Martin confirmed this but said they need to find the $500,000 to build it.
  • There are plants that can be used to produce oil. We need oil. Why don’t we be proactive and use this instead of bring oil here?

The Ecole John Stubbs Memorial students are passionate and engaged with their community. I’d like to thank them for the invitation and for educating me about what concerns them in their community! Merci beaucoup!

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