Thank you Colwood Residents!

Thank you from Scott McDonald in Colwood

Thank you Colwood–it’s been an unforgettable and positive experience!

It has been a ride. I have learned a lot about my community, its people and myself–I have also learned humiltiy.

To the 1,002 Colwood residents who voted for me, THANK YOU. To those who didn’t, but voted, much gratitude!

Congratulations to the new Mayor, Rob Martin and Council – good job!

To my friends who didn’t make it, see you next time and much gratitude for putting your name forward!?

To my supporters, you are the best – love to you

You can see Colwood election results on the City of Colwood site.

People have asked me if I will stay involved in the Colwood community. My answer is you can count on it. Who knows where those pathways might lead…

Scott McDonald for Colwood - what paths will he take?

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