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Read my answers to the survey from the Juan De Fuca Performing Arts Centre Society

1.  What forms of art and culture do you currently enjoy?

Fringe Festival, various film festivals, the Royal BC Museum, the Museum of Anthropology, PRIDE events, garden events where cultural or art activities take place, such as at The Gardens at HCP and the Dr. Sun Yet- Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver, Japanese festivals, fairs, music and cultural observances (I volunteer with the Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society, an am also co-editor and translator of their bi-monthly newsletter. Which reminds me, the 19th Annual (2018) Japanese Cultural Fair is Saturday, October 27th at the Esquimalt Recreation Centre 10:00AM TO 4:00PM!) I am also keen about First Nations culture, food, and art, especially since I am involved with Indigenous Tourism BC.

2. Do you support the development of an arts and culture centre in the Westshore? Why?

Yes. Having a high level arts centre where art and culture can be enjoyed, learned about, participated with is as important as having a state of the art teaching and research university, such as Royal Roads. In fact, it is as necessary to the success of our community as are roads, bridges, schools, and hospitals. It is only because of art that we identify as human, we are the only species on the planet that is capable of creating it. And because it adds so much to our lives, an existential must if you will.

3.  If elected, are there any specific actions you would take to support the development of a West Shore Arts and Cultural Centre?

I would be a cheer leader for sure and would work collaboratively with the mayor and council to support and further its development in any way possible.

See the full survey results and visit the Juan De Fuca Performing Arts Centre Society for more information.

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