Have You Read Scott’s Election Brochure?

Elect Scott MCDONALD in the Colwood election 2018

Download & Read Scott MCDONALD for Colwood Council’s Election Brochure

Where is your brochure, people have thoughtfully asked? Being environmentally conscious, and trying to keep our waste stream and carbon footprint as small as possible, we are trying to reach out to Colwood residents digitally with this website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, other print and digital media, such as the West Shore Voice News and the Goldstream News Gazette, Additionally we have  responded to dozens of surveys from various interest groups and media.

Elect Scott McDonald for Colwood Election Brochure 2018

We do have a digital brochure as well, and print a very limited number for canvassing at people’s door’s. (Thanks for the warm welcomes, cookies, hot tea and great conversations so far Colwood!) ┬áIn the end this may be the wrong strategy, but we will see.So far, we’ve had over 3,000 visits to the website, and expect double that by campaign’s end. Thank you for bearing with me!

Download Scott’s Election Brochure (pdf)

Want to know more about Scott? See his About page.

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