Endorsement: Three SD62 Belmont Area School Trustees

Elect Scott MCDONALD in the Colwood election 2018

I am endorsing three (3) candidates for SD62 Belmont Area School Trustees

I am primarily endorsing these candidates because of their passion for education, their engagement (we met on Twitter), their selflessness on the campaign trail, and their track record of being in the community, visible, helping kids, even before the election period started, in some cases, years before.

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Trudy SPILLER is wise beyond her years and has even written a children’s book, about connecting with nature:  Trudy’s Rock Story,  and her perseverance against odds is amazing. Cendra BEATON, was the first candidate to reach out to me, she’s bilingual and an advocate for French Immersion and demonstrably knows how to make things happen. Ravi PARMAR in an incumbent, and I remember after the last election I kept seeing him here and there out in the community, and when we had issues he was approachable and solutions oriented  — he’s grass roots equally comfortable in a suit at a meeting or in jeans with kids at a playground., a kind word for everyone he meets.

Below is a bit about each candidate and a link to their website.

Trudy Spiller for SD62

Trudy SPILLER website
I am running for school trustee in SD62 Belmont Zone because I am raising my great niece, 13 years old in grade 8 and my grandson, 12 years old, in grade 7. I have been a role model to SD62 for 7 years and now I feel it’s time to having a voice for the leaders of our tomorrow, our children, at the Board table.

Trudy Spillar for SD62
I am passionate about special needs and want to advocate for extra supports for not only sudents, but staff as well. SD62 is one of the fastest growing school districts in B.C. and I want to actively advocate to the Ministry of Education for more capital, teachers and other supports. Class size and composition is also important and I want to ensure that the classrooms are all in compliance with the collective agreement.

Cendra Beaton for SD62
Cendra BEATONwebsite
As a long time education activist for our kids (locally and provincially), I can’t wait to step into this role. I am an active volunteer with multiple parent groups in our schools, and also a member of Canadian Parents for French. I have lead efforts that have brought additional resources and funding to our schools, spoke in senate committees to strengthen education, collaborated and advocated to all levels of government for a quality education, and so much more. I have been actively participating in district committees and attending the district school board meetings since 2014, which allows me to be informed on the challenges that we face as a whole.

Ravi Parmar

Ravi PARMAR – website
As an SD62 graduate, I am passionate about the school district. I believe that public education is the most significant institutional undertaking in a democratic civil society. The last 4 years as a trustee have been very rewarding. I’m excited to run for re-election and continue serving my community as their representative on the Sooke School District Board of Education.

On Saturday, October 20, 2018 I will be voting for these three candidates for SD62 Belmont Area School Trustees, and I hope you will too.

Want to see more about Scott? See his About page.

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