Visiting Ecole John Stubbs Memorial

Elect Scott MCDONALD in the Colwood election 2018

A visit to Ecole John Stubbs Memorial Grade 5 Class Participating in Student Vote | Vote Etudiant – what an experience!

UPDATE:  Last week I received a handmade card from the students at Ecole John Stubbs Memorial, for coming to speak to them during the 2018 Colwood municipal election; how gracious and thoughtful of them! I didn’t win, but I got much more than mere winning. My participation continues to be one of the best experiences in my life. Take a look at the card they crafted and signed! Merci beaucoup kids!

Thank you note from the kids at Ecole John Stubbs Memorial

Thank you note - inside from kids at John Stubbs Memorial

John Stubbs Memorial Student Vote program

The Grade 5 class at Ecole John Stubbs Memorial elementary and middle school (SD62) is participating in the Student Vote / Vote Etudiant program – and I got to visit this morning with a few of my colleagues and introduce myself and learn what issues concern students. And wow! These students are smart, engaged and concerned about their community. The participants were:

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Community Volunteer Work

Volunteering in my community is very important to me – it binds us together and I always learn so much.

Volunteer work - Scott McDonald

As it happened, when I finished this post, I was off to film some video for the Japanese Cultural Fair, which happened after the election. I enjoy this volunteer work as co-editor and translator for the Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society | ビクトリア日系文化協会 (VNCS), because it keeps me in touch with the Japanese community (I have a post grad degree in Classical Japanese literature). The VNCS has presented this event for 19 years.

UPDATE: I was just elected to the VNCS board, I am humbled and have a lot of learning to do before I can contribute much — challenge accepted!

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Thank you Colwood Residents!

Thank you from Scott McDonald in Colwood

Thank you Colwood–it’s been an unforgettable and positive experience!

It has been a ride. I have learned a lot about my community, its people and myself–I have also learned humiltiy.

To the 1,002 Colwood residents who voted for me, THANK YOU. To those who didn’t, but voted, much gratitude!

Congratulations to the new Mayor, Rob Martin and Council – good job!

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Colwood Community Association Questions

Elect Scott MCDONALD in the Colwood election 2018

The Colwood Community Association Election 2018 Q & A – Read my answers!

The Colwood Community Association, founded by Kim Vincer, is hosting a weekly Q & A with candidates in the Colwood 2018 municipal election. Answers are limited to 150 words. Read my answers and thanks Kim!

Colwood Community Association Election Questions and my answers

Question: Week 1 — What skills would you bring to the table if elected?


I come from rural southern Ontario, put myself through several university degrees and learned a few languages along the way, We speak English, French, and Japanese at home.  I have lived in Colwood for over 10 years, but before that I have lived in diverse places across Canada, such as: Canmore, Toronto, Sarnia, and was raised in a town of <400. I’ve experienced living internationally:  Europe/Asia—living in the worlds largest cities, like Tokyo, and some of its smallest — all these give me insights to the possibilities of what can and cannot work in our treasured community of Colwood, BC.

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Have You Read Scott’s Election Brochure?

Elect Scott MCDONALD in the Colwood election 2018

Download & Read Scott MCDONALD for Colwood Council’s Election Brochure

Where is your brochure, people have thoughtfully asked? Being environmentally conscious, and trying to keep our waste stream and carbon footprint as small as possible, we are trying to reach out to Colwood residents digitally with this website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, other print and digital media, such as the West Shore Voice News and the Goldstream News Gazette, Additionally we have  responded to dozens of surveys from various interest groups and media.

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