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Read my answers to the Amalgamation Yes Survey.

The cover image says it all — a response to the Times Colonist Election Survey on the amalgamation issue.

  1. Are you in favour of a citizens’ assembly process to look at governance in your community and its relation to the region? Why or why not? Please explain.YES. In the last election, 75% of CRD residents who were given a chance to respond, voted yes to further study. The time is now. Let’s find out what people think, let’s have a look at governance options once and for all.
  2. The current Capital Region District Board consists of municipal councillors and mayors who are appointed1 from the 13 municipalities. By legislation, these municipal appointments are responsible to represent the interests of their home municipalities.2 Do you think that regional interests would be better served if the entire CRD Board was directly elected by voters region- wide? Why or why not? Please explain.I think the CRD board should be directly elected. The current system puts CRD directors in a difficult situation—they were directly elected to serve their community, not 12 other municipalities and their community.Go to the Amalgamation Yes website for for information, and see the list of answers from Colwood candidates.

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