What about Scott McDonald?

Well, I’m a garden tourism marketing professional, I love digital strategy, used to own a soap store, am not very good at languages, but volunteer with a small non-profit as a translator and co-editor of a bilingual English-Japanese newsletter. I’d rather be on a beach or hiking in a forest than almost any place, except with family and friends. I’m half colour blind and once, I won a drag queen contest (don’t ask ), thanks grandma! I’m at the Victoria Pride Society’s drag ball every year. Be who you are, I tell my daughter, friends, and anyone who will listen — and I am privileged to be able to do just than — my friends and family are very tolerant of my idiosyncrasies and out-of-the-box (out to lunch?) thinking. 
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I am a digital strategist and tourism public relations professional living and working in Victoria, British Columbia. Currently I work on the digital strategy and content curation at Gardens British Columbia, Destination BC’s garden tourism sector lead. I also work with small companies and not-for-profits to up their digital game. Recent examples include:  Victoria Cool Aid Society, Island Junk Removal Solutions, and the North American Garden Tourism Conference.

Before this, I worked in the PR department at The Butchart Gardens, developing and implementing their social media marketing into the broader marketing and communications strategy, set up their digital presence (website and Weibo) in China, and led the development of the digital strategy for the Garden Tourism Coalition Society of British Columbia. I also speak, from time to time, on digital strategy at local conferences and seminars, such as Social Media Camp in Victoria, BC.

I am also a member of Garden Communicators International, formerly the GWA: Garden Writers Association,  and a published garden writer.

Current Board Appointments

I volunteer in my community where and when I can, mostly at one off events — if you need some help, give me a holler.

  • Colwood Garden Society 
    Communications Director
    The Colwood Garden Society was established in 2014 and operates with the full support of the City of Colwood under a lease agreement. They graciously donated the land at Colwood City Hall. They are a not-for-profit, and registered under the Societies Act of British Columbia.
  • Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society | ビクトリア日系文化協会 – Translator (和-英、英-和) and Editor
    The VNCS was formed in 1993 specifically to establish a sense of community for those of Japanese heritage and/or those interested in Japanese culture. They are a not-for-profit charitable society, registered under the Societies Act of British Columbia

    Past Board Appointments

  • Skål International Victoria 
    Web and Digital
    Skål is a professional organisation of tourism leaders around the world, promoting global tourism and friendship. It is the only international group uniting all branches of the travel and tourism industry.
  • Banff Daycare Society 
    The Banff Child Care Centre was among the first child care programs accredited by the province of Alberta. Accreditation is a rigorous quality process of continuously maintaining very high standards. and  I was fortunate to be one the team that laid the groundwork — what a great learning experience

    About Scott McDonald’s Causes and People  

  • LGBTQ2+
    Since the early days of the HIV/Aids crisis I have fought to end discrimination, love our annual PRIDE celebrations, and mentor LGBTQ2+ street youth. No one is going back into the closet on my watch.
  • Environment and Global Climate Change
    Anthropomorphic global warming is an existential threat to our species. My commitment for the last 6 years  has been to reduce my carbon footprint by half every 2 years. It’s starting to get really hard. So be it.
  • Women and Girls’ Rights
    I am a feminist, support the education of girls, and am an ally of women everywhere.
  • First Nations Reconciliation
    I am a descendant of colonizers. I recognise I live on unceded Coast Salish Territory (Xwsepsum (Esquimalt) and Lkwungen (Songhees),. True reconciliation to me not only means acknowledgement, but I believe can only come when we give everything back that was stolen from First Nations in Canada — and trust they will treat us better than our ancestors did not so long ago.

I really am most happy when exploring a garden, beach or forest; reading a book, or hanging out with my teenage daughter.

For those wondering, I ran for City of Colwood Council in the 2018 election. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and I encourage everyone to, at least once in their life, seek public office. If you are interested in knowing a bit more, see my 2018 Election Brochure – Elect Scott MCDONALD

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