Elect Scott for Colwood Council



Download my 2018 Election Brochure – Elect Scott MCDONALD

I have lived around the world and in Colwood, right on the lagoon, pictured above, for the last eleven years — and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I have a daughter, wonderful life partner, loving parents, and I work in digital marketing and strategy — telling the rest of the world why British Columbia is such a wonderful place to visit. I was Colwood’s Canada 150 Community Leader in 2017 and that experience partially forms why I am running for Colwood City Council.

I garden, hike, cook, and take photos of Colwood, which I share to the world — we really do live and work in the best city on the planet! The future we bequeath our children is important to me, as is preserving Colwood’s uniqueness in a sea of fast-paced and incomprehensible change. So too is making Colwood a home for all who wish to live, work, play, and raise a family. My three key issues are: intelligent environmental sustainability, measured land use and development (I support our newly minted OCP), and housing , housing solutions, and affordability for all. a more detailed look at these and others can be found on the Colwood Issues page.

I love hearing about other’s views and experiences — life is constant learning, with humility. Please drop me a note and let me know what you think Colwood’s next 4 years should be about and how we can make Colwood’s future even better, together.